Ask the Editor: Best Drop-Away

Posted on April 26, 2013

Q: Joe, I’m about to buy a Mathews Z7 Xtreme. I understand that you like the AAE and Limb Driver rests. What about the Mathews Downforce rest? I’ve read that it does not put any pressure tension on the cable. Is this correct? It looks as if it connects to the cable, but perhaps it operates differently. What are your thoughts? Could you list the advantages and disadvantages to the rests you’ve recommended? Thanks.

C.L.via e-mail

A: The Downforce is an excellent rest, but I prefer the AAE and Limb Driver, which are extremely forgiving and accurate. Both use a flexible launcher arm (AAE’s is more flexible), which dampens arrow takeoff for greater accuracy. I also believe the limb-activated models may stay up longer and drop quicker, but I’m not sure. I just know I’ve used all of them and prefer the forgiveness of these models.

Limb-activated drop-away rests such as the Limb Driver have proven extremely accurate, since they stay up long and drop quickly for vanes to clear.


The AAE is especially nice. It uses a secure limb-sandwich (with easy-adjust screw) and a coated steel-braid cord that won’t stretch and is impervious to weather. It all makes for a pretty bulletproof setup. Hope that helps. The Xtreme is a nice bow.––Joe Bell


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