Bow Arm Posture

Posted on May 10, 2012

bow hunterI’m working on ironing out my shooting form, and one area of confusion is my bow arm. I know a relaxed bow arm is part of good form, but should I keep it straight or just unlocked or bent downward? The pros and cons for each style would be great. Thanks.

Larry Samuels, via e-mail

Employing a super-rigid and straight bow arm may work for some, but for most archers, it will promote muscle activity in the arm and shoulder and make for shaky aiming. The best shooting techniques limit the use of these muscles, other than those in your back.

 On the other hand, an unlocked, relaxed and low-protruding elbow joint may keep your shoulder muscle (deltoid) inactive; it could produce gross inconsistency, since it’s difficult to duplicate your elbow position exactly from one shot to the next. This will obviously affect draw length feel and accuracy.

 Ultimately, we prefer a highly relaxed bow arm with the elbow joint just unlocked, and no more. This simplifies things and produces highly repeatable shooting form, which is the ultimate goal.–Joe Bell, editor

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