Bowhunting Gear Guide

Posted on September 15, 2011

Wicked Fast and Smooth

Diamond BowDiamond’s new Dead Eye shoots a blazing 343 fps IBO! This makes it the most efficient bow this company has ever developed. The bow features the revolutionary Throttle Cam (with rotating draw-length module), FLX-Guard, seven-layer laminated limbs, fully machined riser and the new twin-machined center-lock limb pocket system. Bow’s specs include 80 percent letoff, 32 inches axle length, 6 1/8-inch brace height, 3.95 overall weight and draw length adjustability from 26 to 30 inches. Visit

Awesome Tuning Tool

Bows Tuning ToolVan Handle Archery’s Pro-Tune tool is a must-have component for any serious archery enthusiast. This professional-grade CNC-machined tool makes precise tuning and bow setup a breeze to achieve. The Dual Axis Bow Level sets the stage for precise arrow- and sight-leveling, while the Center Tool achieves fast, precise arrow level, rest height and center shot. Each tool can be purchased separately or together as a package. $49.95 each, or $79.95 as a combo. Visit or call 708.826.0651.

Stay Lean and Mean

Wilderness Athlete’s Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake is a delicious, power-packed supplement that provides 230 calories per serving, with a balanced blend of highly digestible proteins, essential amino acids and staged carbohydrates necessary to fuel the muscles. The mix has been beefed up with more fiber to maintain energy levels. Add one scoop of the powder to 10 ounces of water, mix and enjoy. “The Wilderness Athlete Meal Replacement Shake is the perfect shake for outdoorsmen on the go,” said Mark Paulsen, of Wilderness Athlete. “Our shake has as much protein as four to five egg whites and 9 grams of fiber.” Visit

Laser Light for Accuracy

Laser Broadhead ArrowThe Spot On Laser Broadhead is the first field-sighted broadhead to combine modern laser technology with superior broadhead design, material and construction. The internal microlaser module is integrated into the head, which is activated at full draw by a simple bow-mounted magnet. The beam can be easily adjusted, which allows the arrow to be sighted in with deadly, pinpoint accuracy out to 70 yards. With the Spot-On Laser Broadhead, where the laser beam aims is where your arrow hits! The 125-grain broadhead is equipped with three blades and a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. The weight can be upped to 150 grains by using a larger patented hollow-point tip. The kit includes a 12-volt car charging unit to recharge battery power for hundreds of shots or disposable battery packs that are good for approximately 100 shots each. It’s ideal for low-light hunting conditions. Visit

3-in-1 Pack System

Hunting BagGame Plan’s Over-and-Under pack is the perfect do-all daypack system. Based on your needs, it can be converted into a full-sized pack or a combination of smaller systems when less weight and bulk is what you need. Two simple connection buckles hold the entire system together and make it easy to separate each piece for individual use. The pack also provides a quiver for your arrows for safe, comfortable positioning while stalking, crawling or sitting in a treestand, along with a unique “arrow hood” to hide and protect your fletching. It will do what you want, when you want. Visit or call (877) 544-6611.

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