Broadhead vs. Field Point Impact

Posted on May 10, 2012

Bow And Arrow

Very small arrow rest and/or nock-point adjustments won’t affect a bow’s tune, but they will affect how broadheads impact the target.

Hi, Joe. I’ve read several times that when tuning your bow, you can sometimes make small adjustments to the arrow rest and/or arrow’s nocking point height in order to get identical impact with broadheads and field points. I understand this method, but won’t this affect paper tuning? Won’t small adjustments “un-tune” a bow that’s already been tuned this way and disrupt straight arrow flight?


Also, logically, it seems as if moving the nock and arrow rest to change broadhead impact has to also change field point flight and impact. Thoughts?

D.M., via e-mail

I know; it seems confusing, doesn’t it? The reason this works without affecting arrow flight is because field points are more forgiving and more tolerable of slight tuning changes, whereas broadheads are not. This applies to both paper tuning and point-of-impact.

Many times, a slight change to the nock height or arrow rest won’t affect field point impact at all–given that the change is slight. I’ve seen this many times, especially when shooting from 40 yards or fewer. With many setups I’ve used in the past, I’ve tuned my field points and broadheads to hit in the same spot out to about 40 or 45 yards. Beyond that distance, the broadheads would usually hit lower or higher from the field points, no matter what I tried to do, adjustment-wise. Much of this has to do with the sensitivity of broadhead flight dynamics, FOC or the bow’s nock travel (it could be faulty vertically or horizontally).

Some weird stuff goes on when you put blades at the front or change the arrow’s FOC point slightly (this happens because broadheads are always longer in shape than field points).–Joe Bell, editor


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