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Posted on May 10, 2012

Broadhead Arrow

Muzzy’s new MX-3 125 is a great broadhead to consider when switching from 100- to 125-grain point weight. This head is well balanced, in terms of aerodynamics, blade width and all-out toughness.

I noticed that a lot of advanced bowhunters are shooting heavier broadheads. Is this for more arrow weight and energy or to increase front of center and accuracy? Also, can you recommend any great 125 three-blade broadheads for doing this?

Dave Jenson, via e-mail


From our experience, a slightly heavier broadhead enhances accuracy downrange, particularly beyond the 50-yard mark. Most pros do this in order to up the arrow’s front-of-center weight, which better stabilizes the shaft in a crosswind, making it more accurate and more forgiving to shoot. This is the primary benefit and the reason most bowhunters use heavier broadheads. Added overall arrow weight and downrange energy is a side benefit.

There are several excellent 125 heads on the market to choose from, but one that we’ve become very impressed with is the new Muzzy MX-3 125. This head is superbly compact, wide-cutting and promises top penetrating performance, thanks to its legendary elongated Trocar-style tip. It shoots outstandingly, despite high speed.

Other great 125 three-blade heads include the Shuttle T-Lock, G5 Striker, Slick Trick, Wasp Boss, Vantage Point Terminator, Wac ‘Em and Sullivan Extreme SS, to name a few.–Joe Bell, editor

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