Deadly Steel- Here’s a look at some of the best broadheads for 2013.

Posted on March 8, 2013

Bowhunters often argue about what’s the best broadhead… and obviously for good reason. The cutting end of the arrow is responsible for doing the killing, so choosing the right one is paramount to a clean kill and a memorable moment in the field. The wrong broadhead, of course, can spell utter disaster, leaving a lousy blood trail, and worse yet, making recovery unobtainable.

Bow Hunter

This is why bowhunters like you must analyze the important details of a broadhead, closely. You must feel good about its ability to shoot well, but beyond that, it must prove itself to be very tough, super-super sharp, and provide a good-size cutting width.

Here’s an assortment of some of today’s best heads, both fixed and mechanical, that offer deadly capabilities. You’ll notice that some are new for 2013, while others are venerable favorites that have proven themselves time and again, making them obvious top choices. One thing’s for sure, however. Any one of them will get the job done nicely.   

Lean & Mean

This accurately describes the new Rage Hypodermic broadhead, which the company says offers the best penetration to date for any of their models. This head has many new traits, most notably the ultra-slim, ultra-aerodynamic all-steel body that boasts a hybrid-tip design that’s as sharp as a needle, offering superb penetrating qualities.

Other features include sharp .035-inch stainless-steel blades and a 2-inch cutting diameter, and the all-new proprietary Shock CollarÔ blade-retention device. It’s available in a standard 100 grain or Deep SixÔ100 grain, and both come packaged with a practice tip. Retail price is $49.99.

Visit, or call 888-779-0092.


Smooth, Dependable Deployment

New Archery Products Kill Zone broadheads use a no-nonsense rear-deploying blade system that has proven itself repeatedly in the field, all without the trouble of O-rings. A patented Spring Clip is used to keep the blades closed during flight but allows easy deployment upon impact with hide, causing both blades to open in unison for maximum penetration. This system prevents single-blade deployment, which can cause deflection upon impact or during penetration of chest cavity. The blades are also placed further back from the tip and anchor solidly against the ferrule, creating enhanced durability.

The Kill Zone comes with some of the sharpest blades known to the industry, using Diamized blade technology.

For 2013, Kill Zone heads are available in five different models, including 125- grain/2-inch cut (with cut-on-contact tip or Trophy Tip), 100-grain/2-inch cut (with cut-on-contact tip, Trophy Tip or Deep Six), Low Kinetic Energy 100-grain/1.5-inch cut with cut-on-contact tip, MAXX 100-grain/2 3/8-inch cut, and Crossbow 100 or 125-grain versions/2-inch cut. Retail price is $39.99-$44.99.



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3 thoughts on “Deadly Steel- Here’s a look at some of the best broadheads for 2013.

  1. hi mike avery i like talking to you at dtoarn days and singing my sl50 dtoarn with rex darlington at jays sporting store i like the way you do your shows and raido shows and that you use hunting stuff made here in michigan like i say if its not a dtoarn its not a bow ps thanks for photo and singing it that means a lot to me keep up the good work we need moor hunters that care its not just killing big ones its just about haveing fun and takeing home food thanks you have a great weekend your fiernd mack

  2. The raseon i have a The raseon i have a very large entrance cut of 2 -2.5 on the Rage Chisel Tip is this kind of tip on a broadhead Pre Stretches the skin before the broadhead starts cutting. This video is proof of this theory compared to the cut on contact tip of the Rage Turkey broadheas when tested at 400 FPS Feet Per Second. Shooting these two broadheads at slower speeds on crossbow or bow may produce different results.

  3. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I was told by an old bear hunter that the best way to get a bear to chgane from nocturnal is to hike in at night and make plenty of noise. Then the next trick is to leave a small battery powered radio on as loud as it will go all night. Then hike in pre dawn and turn the radio off and climb into your tree stand or ground blind. He told me that he has used this trick since the 60 s and has never failed him. Next time I have a nocturnal bear I plan on trying this little trick.

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