Meet Our Editorial Team

Joe Bell

knowledgeable writing staff is led by editor Joe Bell, also the author of Technical Bowhunting, a highly acclaimed, best-selling book on equipment setup, bow tuning, shooting form, and specialized hunting advice. He is also the past associate editor of Petersen’s Hunting and Bowhunting publications.

Renowned for his bowhunting accomplishments, Bell has taken trophy-size big game in many parts of the nation and Canada, with many of them qualifying for the prestigious Pope & Young Record Book. His archery-hunting career spans 25 years.

However, he is probably best known for his “tinkering” ability and meticulous testing and reviewing of archery and bowhunting gear. This talent has aligned him with many product designers, and today he serves as a consultant for many archery suppliers and manufacturers. Bell resides in northern Arizona with his wife and two daughters.

Chuck Adams, the best-known bowhunter in the world, is the magazine’s very own deer editor. And Ted Nugent, who is considered hunting’s most visible spokesperson, writes a regular column. Other well-respected staff members include Tim Strickland (Olympic archery coach), Denny Sturgis (traditional-equipment archer & expert), Judd Cooney (back-page humor, legendary bowhunter), Lisa Price (renowned female writer and longtime bowhunting enthusiast) and many others.