Sneak Peek: New Products for the Season (Part 2)

Posted on March 24, 2013

Here’s the the second part in our latest round-up of this season’s best bow and arrow hunting products. Be sure to check out Part 1!


Simplicity at Its Best

The new Arizona Archery Hawk Eye rest offers just what today’s archer is looking for in a fall-away rest—simplicity, full-arrow capture capability, dependability, limb-driven function, and arrow-after-arrow accuracy. Also, the rest’s molded launcher supports and dampens the arrow through the bow’s shot cycle, making the shot even more forgiving. Best of all, it works dead silent during the draw, yet falling quickly and vibration-free as the arrow clears the bow, even with high-profile fletching. It’s machined from tough aircraft grade 6061 T-6 aluminum, assuring strength, durability and is available in black or pink. Retails is $59.99.


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Delivering Nutrition

While the excitement of the rut may be just a fond memory, this time of year is the most important time to properly care for the herd, especially the does. As winter turns to spring, does require a lot of protein and fat to bring their bodies back to health while simultaneously providing nutrition for the growing fetus or fetuses. That is where Rack One’s Overload comes in. As part of the IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System, Overload is packed with 20-percent protein and a guaranteed analysis of nine-percent fat content with six-percent fiber. This is a perfectly balanced diet for a pregnant whitetail.

By feeding the mothers-to-be a healthy diet of Overload, they are able to immediately begin to recuperate from the winter and will be much more likely to maintain a healthy full-term pregnancy. If a doe is not healthy, her body will naturally abort that pregnancy in order to survive. This leads to a higher rate of mortality, which will decrease the number of deer in the herd in the future. This creates what is commonly referred to as a generation gap. The doe could also give birth to a low weight fawn, causing smaller antler growth and other issues in a new generation of the herd.

The suggested retail price of a 20-pound bag of Overload is $29.99. Buy it online at, or ask for them by name at your local sporting goods store.



Innovative Bino Covers

The new MeoCapTM flip-open binocular eyepiece cover protects vulnerable ocular lenses while hunting in rough terrain. Also when flipped open for use, it shields eyes from peripheral light entering between the user’s eyes and the binocular. Additional features include tough ABS construction, proprietary fit system uses unique, radially aligned inserts to provide a positive grip onto the eyecup and can be changed to fit a wide variety of eyecup sizes, and the sculpted, form-fitting design adds less than half a millimeter to the eyecup surface for no reduction in eye relief. Best of all, they work with most full-size binoculars. MSRP: $23.99





Fast-Moving Performance

The new Schaffer Opposition Lite Arrow Rest is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor; it tips the scales at a mere three ounces. This rest features hands-free operation. Unlike many drop-away style rests that require the shooter to cock the launcher before shooting, the Opposition Lite can be shot in the cocked and uncocked position. The arrow is contained in both positions. The rest’s Dual-Jaw Technology allows the arrow to be squeezed together by each “opposing” jaw, then when the bow is fired, each jaw glides out of the way, allowing the arrow to pass between the jaws without touching the rest. The jaws can’t bounce back so arrow and vane contact is a thing of the past, even with speeds in excess of 418 FPS! Best of all, this rest is whisper quiet.

Visit or call: (952) 894-6169.

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Visit or call: (952) 894-6169.


Ready for Whitetail

Sitka Gear’s new Early Season Whitetail Pant was built with an exceptionally durable fabric, yet it offers that lightweight comfort you’re looking for during the early season. The pant is made with 4-Way stretch fabric, giving them more of the feel of sweats than hunting pants. As a result, they turn when you do, giving you that comfort you won’t believe. They come in sizes 30-44, regular or 34-38, tall and feature the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Forest camo pattern. MSRP $169.

Visit or call 877.SITKA-GR.

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Visit or call 877.SITKA-GR.

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  1. I have been using Swarovski 34110 EL Swarovision 10×42 HD Binocular and its features like 20 mm eye relief & 10X magnification gives me unmatched experience but the price pinch a bit but how come “MeoCapTM flip-open binocular” cost very less. How do you compare both Binoculars?

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