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Practice Done Right
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The Razortrick broadhead combines traditional cut-on-impact design with a compact profile, which allows the head to fly exceptionally well, despite speeds above 300 fps. Its 1 1/8-inch cut and 4-blade pattern offers the perfect meet-in-the-middle design for high-performance gear.

Razortrick Vs. Slick Trick
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Maximum Accuracy Tuning
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Just because a garment is advertised as being super-quiet doesn't mean it is. You must verify this for yourself by conducting a “crinkle-and-scratch” test. It's best to use a proven-to-be-quiet garment as a comparison for a good assessment. Treestands and backpacks are other areas of concern. Some can be loud, which can blow your cover. Be smart—test them out well before opening day.

Need for Silence
Posted on June 15, 2012

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