Which Z7 Bow?

Posted on May 8, 2012

Mathews Z7 Bow

Mathews’ Z7 Magnum offers a great blend of smoothness and blazing arrow speed (340 IBO), but some shooters may find the bow’s brace height slightly intolerant of shooting mistakes. If so, the EZ7, Z7 Xtreme or Z7 offer better choices for such archers.

I’m on the fence regarding which new bow is right for me? I’m looking at the Mathews Z7 Magnum and EZ7. I do like a fairly fast bow, but I still demand an easy-shooting rig. Would this mean the Magnum is wrong for me? Any suggestion would be great.

M.C., via e-mail

The entire Z-Series of bows is great: They’re smooth, fast and recoil-free. The Z7 Magnum is definitely a top choice for most, because it retains the same shooting and draw-cycle qualities of the original and well-praised Z7, but shoots about 10 fps faster, thanks to a slightly shorter brace height.

The EZ7, on the other hand, is still fairly fast at 321 fps IBO, but it sports one of the smoothest draw cycles of any bow on the market and uses a slightly more forgiving 7-inch brace height. Both bows, the EZ7 and Magnum, are 32 inches, axle to axle.

Our advice is this: If you feel forgiveness outweighs speed, in terms of your personal experience and shooting form, go with the EZ7. It won’t disappoint. However, if your shooting form is impeccable, and you tend to shoot pretty calmly on game, the Magnum is probably the bow for you. Of course, you owe it to yourself to shoot both extensively to gain some feel for each bow.–Joe Bell, editor.


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