Ask the Editor – Bow’s Brace Height: 6 or 7-inch?

Posted on March 15, 2013

Q: Hey Joe. I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on a new bow. After much consideration and shot testing, I’ve decided to go with the BowTech Destroyer. However, this bow is available in two brace models — the 6-inch 350 or 7-inch 340. I’ve shot both in the pro shop, but this shooting is all done at 20 yards. They both feel and shoot great. However, I’m a little concerned that the 350 may cause “fliers” once I begin shooting well downrange. What are you thoughts on this? If it helps, my draw length is 27 1/2 inches and I’ve always shot 7-inch or higher bows.

Jake Fendley, via email



Modern speed bows, such as the BowTech Destroyer 350, are much more shooter-friendly compared to speed models from the past. The use of ingenious engineering concepts have actually made these bows very quiet, vibration free, smooth drawing, and extremely forgiving. They are no longer an expert’s-only tool.

A: Today’s speed bows are more user-friendly than past models. And personally, I find them plenty forgiving enough for archers with better-than-average shooting form. If you consider yourself a well-practiced archer, who strives to use good form, then the faster 6-inch model shouldn’t be a liability in my opinion. I’ve shot the 350 Destroyer quite extensively and this bow’s speed, feel and shooting forgiveness are amazing. I don’t think I’d notice any added forgiveness by shooting the 340, certainly not for guys with slightly shorter draw lengths (26 to 28-inch range). The Destroyer is an amazing bow, and I think you’ll love either model. –Joe Bell, Editor


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