Gear Guide: Tracers, Quivers, Arrow Heads & More

Posted on June 22, 2011

Lights the Way

Easton’s Tracer RLI delivers the most advanced technology available in nock illumination and now incorporates a replaceable lithium battery. The patented Tracer system utilizes an onboard micro-controller with a magnetically activated switch. Available in superbright red, the lightweight Tracer RLi lights a track all the way to the target. It automatically lights at the shot by passing a magnet mounted on the riser or rest. The powerful LED lights for 10 seconds before the microchip automatically switches to flash mode. The unique flash mode provides greater visibility for recovery and longer battery life–up to 90 hours. It’s available in S, X, H, Microlite and crossbow sizes to retrofit virtually any arrow or bolt. Multipacks include free practice nocks for easy tuning and sighting-in. The permanent ON/OFF switch deactivates the light to preserve batteries during storage, traveling or practice. The suggested retail price for the two-pack is $25.99. Visit

VELOCITIP Ballistic SystemDetermine Arrow Energy, Coefficient–Fast!

Invented by bowhunters to measure speed and energy at impact, the VELOCITIP Ballistic System includes a ruggedized 100-grain electronic field point with a built-in accelerometer and a handheld docking station with a large backlit display. The field point stores acceleration data for up to four shots. The point is then removed from the arrow and plugged into the docking station. Flight data is downloaded and saved to the docking station for immediate processing and display of measured ballistic values at launch and impact. Erase the previously stored shot data and reuse the same or a different arrow. This system is for use on shots anywhere between 10 and 100 yards, depending on arrow launch speed. The system is easy to use and does not require any downrange equipment setup. It’s sure to increase the understanding of arrow flight and probably debunk a few myths. Use the VELOCITIP Ballistic System with compound bows, crossbows and stickbows. Visit or contact Robert Donahoe: 617.448.7806;

Arrow HeadNo-Nonsense Head

Like the notorious sharpshooters of the Old West, the WASP Sharp Shooter fixed-blade broadhead has a reputation that precedes it. It’s tough, it means business and failure is not an option. Even in the most heated of moments, with the odds stacked against him, the sharpshooter of old found his mark; after all, his life depended on it. The WASP Sharp Shooter performs with the same intensity and purpose. The 100-grain Sharp Shooter’s self-aligning, blade-locking system utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule, eliminating misaligned blades and poor arrow flight. It has a 1-inch cutting diameter with .040-inch main blades and .027-inch bleeder blades that produce a massive blood trail favorable for a quick recovery. Visit

Rattle ‘Em In

Finally–a worthwhile rattling call that sounds like the real deal. The Rattlebox, tested in a scientific lab, is acoustically designed to match the frequency, pitch and tone real antlers produce during sparring episodes of whitetail bucks. It’s also the only rattling call with true one-hand operation. Unlike standard half racks manufactured by other companies, the Rattlebox replicates the sounds made when two mature, full-racked, 120-class 8-point bucks lock antlers. The call can be used with either hand, worn around a leg or attached to a tree and used with minimal movement. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Visit

Quiver and Dampener in One

Alpine’s Soft Loc Quiver is one of the most popular bowhunting quivers of all time. It comes in three-, five- and seven-arrow models and is considered one of the quietest mid-priced quivers on the market. In addition, the quivers are designed to reduce shooting vibrations and noise, thus serving as a dual-purpose accessory. Each quiver accepts all standard-diameter arrows and fixed and mechanical heads. The quivers are available in a wide variety of camo finishes, including Mossy Oak New Break-Up, Treestand (three- and five-arrow only) and Infinity; Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, Hardwoods HD and APG HD; Mathew’s Lost Camo; Skulz Camo (three- and five-arrow only); and black (five-arrow only). Visit

Improve Your Shooting

Richly illustrated with 180 voiceover photos and artwork, Dave Holt’s Bow Shooting–Beginner to Expert DVD covers the latest bow and bow shooting information in easy-to-understand terms. With photos and captions, the presentation takes you on an informative step-by-step trip to better bow shooting. In addition, the voiceover allows Dave to share his knowledge in great detail as each image displays on your screen. This unique and fascinating presentation is targeted specifically at the modern archer and bowhunter. The DVD covers how a bow works, proper shooting form, the importance of exact draw length, anchor points, grip and follow-through, the mental game, release aids and proper use, shooting details, bow tuning, broadhead accuracy and much more. It sells for just $19.95. (Note: This is a photo and audio presentation and not a film.)

Send and e-mail request to or, or send a check for $19.95 (plus $3 shipping and handling) to High Country Publishers, Inc., 10959 West Bear Creek Drive, Lakewood, CO 80227; 303.988.3021, 720.322.4559.


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