Great Gear

Bowhunting Gear Guide
Posted on September 15, 2011

Wicked Fast and Smooth Diamond’s new Dead Eye shoots a blazing 343 fps IBO! This makes it the most efficient bow this company has ever developed. The bow features the revolutionary Throttle Cam (with rotating draw-length module), FLX-Guard, seven-layer laminated limbs, fully machined riser and the new twin-machined center-lock limb … more

Great Deer Gear
Posted on July 14, 2011

These products were designed with one thing in mind: more deer-hunting success By Steve Bartylla Within minutes of me sitting on stand, deer began filtering out. It was mid-December, and the temp was going to hit negative numbers. About an hour before shooting light expired, an old 8-point stood near … more

2011 Bowhunter’s Buyer’s Guide
Posted on June 28, 2011

When it comes to great, innovative products, this longtime shop owner says these rule. By Aaron Lasco Hoyt Carbon Element ( Every year, I wonder what manufacturers could do to improve bow technology. Hoyt has answered the question with the 2011 Element. Last year, Hoyt introduced the Carbon Matrix with … more

Gear Guide: Tracers, Quivers, Arrow Heads & More
Posted on June 22, 2011

Lights the Way Easton’s Tracer RLI delivers the most advanced technology available in nock illumination and now incorporates a replaceable lithium battery. The patented Tracer system utilizes an onboard micro-controller with a magnetically activated switch. Available in superbright red, the lightweight Tracer RLi lights a track all the way to … more

Bowhunter’s Buyer’s Guide: Binoculars
Posted on June 6, 2011

Performance-Minded Binocular When bowhunting western game, especially mule deer in the high country, I spend half my time peering through a 10–42 binocular. Last fall, I put the new Nikon EDG to the test, and I came away utterly impressed. Overall, I’d have to give it a five-out-five in every … more

Seven Deadly Bow Tweaks
Posted on May 6, 2011

By Joe Bell Many bowhunters go afield each season feeling somewhat dissatisfied in their shooting gear. Problems such as poor arrow flight, loud shot noise, strange broadhead impact, or last-minute maintenance issues can all nag you to no end and make you wonder if you can actually make the shot … more

Seven tips on getting a deadlier treestand bow
Posted on April 6, 2011

By Joe Bell Precision shooting isn’t just a western bowhunting thing. It applies to whitetail hunting, too, only the circumstances call for slightly different medicine. Nonetheless, to come out on top, you want the most accurate, most forgiving, and most powerful rig you can shoot. After years of hunting out … more