Razortrick Vs. Slick Trick

Posted on July 6, 2012

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The Razortrick broadhead combines traditional cut-on-impact design with a compact profile, which allows the head to fly exceptionally well, despite speeds above 300 fps. Its 1 1/8-inch cut and 4-blade pattern offers the perfect meet-in-the-middle design for high-performance gear.

Q: Hi Joe. I’m a huge fan of your magazine. When I can’t bowhunt or shoot everyday, your magazine offers that joy I’m looking for to offset the downtime. Thanks for that.

Now for my tech question. I notice you write often as saying Slick Trick broadheads are one of the best. You often compare them to other broadheads, like the G5 Striker, Trophy Taker Shuttle T-lock, and even the Razortrick or Grizztrick. One thing I have never seen is any kind of comparison between the Slick Trick original and Magnum. Is there a vast loss of accuracy? Or do they seem to group just as good? In your opinion, is the added cutting diameter worth whatever loss of accuracy that might come from the increase in blade size? I realize this is something that could be easily tested for myself but some people don’t have a lot of extra time and resources to test lots of products. Plus it would be better to know what a professional thinks! Thanks for the great magazine and please keep it going strong!
Shawn Kenny, via email

A: Hey Shawn. Accuracy difference between the Standard and Magnum is pretty much nil, given the bow is well tuned. However, I prefer the Standard because of the less severe blade angle — more reliable on angled hits. My favorite head is the G5 Striker right now (super sharp, tough and flies like a bullet – I have utmost confidence in this head), followed by the Slick Trick standard. The Razortrick I have to test more. So far, the Razortricks seem to be flying just as well and offer a perfect meet-in-the middle cut diameter over the standard and magnum versions. We’ll see.

Hope this helps. —Joe Bell


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