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Posted on November 27, 2012


Today’s camo patterns incorporate more function and science than ever before. This means tricking the eyes of your prey has never been easier.

The cool thing about bowhunting is the in-your-face nature of the sport. At times, animals are so close that you can actually hear them breath. One of the keys to finding success in such an environment is the ability to remain hidden from your prey until the moment of truth arrives and you reach full draw. Ideally, your presence should not be known until the sound of your bowstring jumping forward breaks the silence of a quiet, fall morning.


hunting art

Consequently, your choice in camo has a huge bearing on your ability to accomplish just that. Thankfully, though, bowhunters have a huge selection of patterns to choose from. With fall hunting season quickly approaching, now is the time to start contemplating which design you are going to rely on to help you close the deal on your next trophy.

Depth, detail and definition. Those are the words most used to describe the most popular Mossy Oak pattern ever—Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity. With a greater depth of view and more realistic elements than any previous Breakup offerings, Infinity combines those components with soft brown colors, highlights of gray, tan and green, and then adds in crisp shadows. The result is a camo pattern that completely breaks up the human form yet is still able to blend in perfectly with almost any background.





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By Steve Flores



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