Two for Two

Posted on August 28, 2012

This accomplished Colorado bowhunter hits a home run while hunting out of two ladder stands in two states.

whitetail hunt

That night Shawn took Brian Becker and family out to dinner and then proceeded to drive all the way back to Colorado arriving at 6:45 am to see his wife Stacey, and get the kids off to school. After a day of gearing up, again, Shawn struck out for his public-land Colorado whitetail hunt arriving at 4:30 a.m. Shawn had thoroughly scouted the area during three days in October looking for deer sign, pinch points and travel funnels. In the land of giant cottonwoods, he was pleased to find the perfect tree for his climber stand.


He was full of anticipation of as the sun rose on November 9. At 7:30 seven does and a nice buck passed through the river bottom. At 1 p.m., he heard movement further down the river bottom. It was a hunter moving into a tree 60 yards across the flats. At 4:30, prime time, the hunter got out of his stand and walked out across the river bottom. Shawn spent the night at a hotel. In pre-dawn he met the other hunter at a parking area, discussed their treestand locations and headed their separate ways, or so Shawn thought.

At daylight he was less than a happy hunter. He hadn’t traveled this far to watch another hunter through the trees. At 11:45 Shawn knew he had to make the most of this situation. He lowered rattling antlers and gave them a shake. A mule deer buck wandered in and began to rub a small Milieu tree adjacent the stand. The buck was so occupied that when Shawn dropped one of his gloves from 30 feet the buck didn’t even notice. The deer eventually wandered off towards the other hunter, who proceeded to nock an arrow and shoot at the mule deer buck. Shawn watched the non-lethal arrow pass just under the hide of the deer’s back. The hunter wandered over to Shawn to discuss the shot. He wasn’t quite convinced with Shawn’s version of the shot even though the buck had totally vacated the area. To help convince the hapless hunter, they walked the whole river bottom one more time.


Treestand Buck 2

Shawn was at his wits’ end when the other hunter finally packed up and left at 3:30. Since he now had the public hunting ground to himself, he sat back and appreciated the solitude. At 4:45 Shawn heard movement back where all the commotion had been in the direction of the other hunter’s treestand. Shawn was thinking, “what now,” when he turned to see an approaching line of does followed by an exceptional buck.


This peak-form archer and bowhunter was ready and willing when the buck provided him with a broadside 53-yard shot. The arrow zipped through the buck. About 40 yards later, Shawn approached the second treestand buck of his career. There was no ground shrinkage here. The buck’s body was so big, the antlers looked small. The rack on this double-beam big whitetail had a gross scored of 194 inches of antler. In an e-mail with pictures sent home to his family and friends, the accomplished bowhunter simply wrote: “Just harvested this Colorado Public land giant on Thursday after killing the giant Kansas buck on Monday. I am having a pretty good season to say the least.”


This is an excerpt from a recent issue of Bow and Arrow Hunting.


By Pete Schoonmaker

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